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Below are just a few areas that have benefited from Hercules' highly reliable, rugged encoders. To see specific applications you can download a pdf of our Encoder Applications Sheet.

Automation Machinery
The high reliability of Hercules' products is very important for applications such as conveyors, dancers, speed controls and industrial ovens. Applications include speed feedback for product spacing, packaging, unloading, shift-register/speed tracking of process equipment for material heating through annealing ovens or bakery ovens, speed/temperature control through freezers.

Heavy Equipment
Applications such as construction vehicles, cranes, hoists, and railroad machinery require encoders that will resist high vibration, heavy grit and caustic environments.

Harsh Environments
In environments such as paper mills, steel mills, rolling mills equipment, mining and oil/gas field equipment a sealed encoder is required to eliminate foreign materials and water penetration. This will increase the life of the encoder by nine to over forty months.

Process Control
In printing equipment, textile machinery, food processing, web tension and packaging equipment often require that encoders are exposed to extraneous materials, chemicals and wash downs. Accessibility to these encoder placements is sometimes limited, which makes Hercules encoders, with superior durability and reliability, an ideal choice.

Farm/Factory Equipment
With tractors, trucks, forklifts, elevators and conveyors, encoders are often exposed to grit and heavy vibration, which makes a sealed, rugged encoder especially important.

Conversion Processes
Hercules encoders are also used in folding, rewinding, slitting, drawing, coating and extruding. Applications by OEMs and other users in this market include production measurement (encoder) and process speed control (potentiometer) in paper, corrugate, plastics, sheet metals, wire/cable, printing, photo processing, injection plastic die movement/safety control machinery.

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