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About Hercules Encoders

About Hercules

Hercules encoders are another reliable product line from NEL Frequency Controls. NEL is a leading edge manufacturer of a wide variety of reliable products, including crystal oscillators. NEL's products are installed worldwide in sensitive applications where reliability is critical.

What are your needs in encoders?

1. Is high reliability critical?
Hercules encoders are designed and constructed with one underlying concern throughout the manufacturing process-reliability. Reliable encoders provide accurate information to optimize the productivity of your equipment.

2. Is ruggedness important?
Hercules encoders are built to endure the most adverse industrial environments. For outdoor use or placement in wash down situations, we've developed the Hercules NEMA Type 4 encoder. Our standard encoders are housed in dust and oil tight enclosures, NEMA 12/13, for years of reliable performance.

3. What about warranty?
Every Hercules encoder carries a three-year warranty on materials and workmanship. If there's a problem with one of our encoders, we solve it. Right away.

4. Do you need design and engineering support?
Our design and engineering staff understands the wide range of options available in encoders. We will work with your particular needs to find the best solutions.

5. What about application support?
From determining initial specifications to trouble shooting once the installation is complete, Hercules Application Support is ready to help. Call us with questions at 262- 763-3591 or visit our website for application notes at www.herculesencoders.com.

6. Are accessories available?
Hercules carries an extensive line of accessories, including wheels, mounting brackets, connectors and cables, motor mount adaptors and flexible couplings-everything you might need for easy installation and optimal operation of your encoders.

Hercules encoders support rugged, high reliability applications for factory automation, and are used in harsh environments with industrial machinery and ovens and heavy equipment. Hercules encoders are found in a variety of industries worldwide, including farm and construction equipment, food processing, wastewater treatment and a full range of conversion processes. The manufacturing facility is located in Burlington, Wisconsin.

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